Code of Ethics

The Code of Ethics Canons are adopted by the Society of Wood Science and Technology and are intended to guide the professional conduct of members of the Society in their relations with the public, their employers, and each other. Compliance with these canons helps to assure just and honorable professional and human relationships, mutual confidence and respect, and competent service to society.


  1. Members will strive to protect the safety, health and welfare of the public in the performance of professional assignments.
  2. Members will inform the public truthfully about wood, the wood-based industries, and the profession of wood technology, and will discourage misrepresentation.
  3. Members will base public statements, including those made as an expert witness, on knowledge or honest opinion and will indicate sources of information when necessary. Furthermore, the member will indicate on whose behalf the statements are made.
  4. Members will support the conservative use of natural resources and will strive for increased efficiency within the industry.
  5. Members must avoid conflicts of interest and will inform an employer of possible conflicts with vendors, contractors or consulting clients, and will avoid double payment for the same service.
  6. Members will not disclose the business affairs or processes of present or past employers without proper consent.
  7. Members will perform only those services for which they are qualified. members will engage, or advise employers to engage, other experts and specialists in Wood Science and Technology or related fields whenever the employer's interest would be best served by such action, and members will work cooperatively with other professionals.
  8. Members who become aware of activities which deviate from accepted professional standards must advise the appropriate people of the consequences of such deviation.
  9. Members will support the profession by sharing information and experiences with other members through attendance at technical meetings, publication, participation in SWST affairs and cooperation with educators.
  10. Members will properly assign credit for original work and will give credit for the methods, ideas or assistance obtained from others
  11. Members in competition for supplying services will encourage the prospective employer to base selection on comparison of qualifications and negotiation of fee or salary. A member will not endeavor to supplant another known to have been engaged.
  12. Members will not by false statement or dishonest action injure the reputation or professional associations of another members.

Adopted June 1993
Last revisions: 5/3/00


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