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Renewable Natural Resource Foundation (RNRF) Held Its Congress on Coastal Resilience and Risk

enewable Natural Resource Foundation (RNRF) Held Its Congress on Coastal Resilience and Risk on December 11-12, 2013, at the NOAA Center for Weather and Climate Prediction in College Park, MD

Over 160 delegates listened to 15 speakers, who examined national and local policy imperatives, the means to enhance structural and economic resilience, application of smart use and development to achieve a resilient coast, and how the exigencies of fiscal limitations are forcing federal, state and local agencies to adjust their roles. A lively discussion followed each speaker. Continue reading

Research Stay at UDT

We invite you for a research stay at UDT during your PhD studies UDT is an R&D+i Center that specializes in developing new products and processes from lignocellulosic raw materials. We have a staff of 120 people, including scientists, professionals and technicians, with an excellent infrastructure for process scale-up and access to first-rate laboratories, either on premises or at the adjacent University of Concepcion.

Topics of special interest are the following:

Bioenergy Department

– Thermochemical conversion of biomass, especially by fast or slow
– Torrefaction of forest biomass;
– Small-scale cogeneration technologies;
– Hydrodeoxygenation of lignocellulosic compounds;

Biomaterials Department

– Plastic biomaterials based on starch, polylactic acid or cellulose
– Plastic materials with oxygen barrier or antifungal surface;
– Application of wood polysaccharides or algae in thermoplastic resins;
– Bioplastics for packaging and agriculture;
– Other innovations related to bioplastics and functional plastics.
– Production and characterization of biochar and other carbonaceous

Chemical Products Department

– Extraction, purification and use of polyphenolic bark extracts.
– Delignification processes of wood and annual plants with organic
– Processing and use of lignin.
– Production, characterization and utilization of wood accessory
compounds and agents with biological activity from plant matrices.
– Forest biorefinery concepts.
– Development of analytical methodologies related to forest biomass or
products from their chemical or thermochemical conversion.

Environmental Protection Department

– New uses of waste from forest industry, including biomass combustion.
– Bioremediation of soil and the atmosphere.
– Thermochemical conversion of waste plastics.
– Cycle study and water consumption reduction in the pulp industry.
– Thermal efficiency of industrial processes.

We hope that you will take this opportunity to utilize our laboratories and pilot-scale facilities, make progress toward your postgraduate degree in a pleasant, stimulating and challenging environment, seek interdisciplinary collaboration with students and faculty at the University of Concepcion, and enjoy the benefits of our national and international networks.

We provide financial support of up to US$10,000 (for travel expenses,accommodation and/or research needs).

*To apply or for additional information, send an email to before December 31, 2013. The application form is **available here:*.
Successful applicants are expected to join us in March 2014.*