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From Knowledge to Innovation – International Student Group discusses the Innovation Potential of their Master and PhD Theses in Vienna, Austria

In the course of the Schweighofer Prize Award Ceremony in June 2015, 27 Master- and PhD students from various universities in North America and Europe were invited to a students programme in Vienna. The programme, organised by Prof. Alfred Teischinger (BOKU Vienna), included a workshop with the topic “From Knowledge to Innovation”, an excursion to selected wood industries in the vicinity of Vienna and the participation in the glamorous Schweighofer Prize Award Ceremony ( in the Vienna City Hall.


Figure: The student group in the impressing wooden cupola hall of the University of Technology (TU), Vienna with Mr. Gerald Schweighofer (Schweighofer Group) and CANFOR CEO Don Kayne as sponsors of the meeting and the Dean of TU Vienna, Prof. Josef Eberhardsteiner, as the host (from the right). Foto H. Plackner, Holzkurier

In the innovation workshop, moderated by Doz. Dr. Ulrich Müller, the students had to present their theses in short and then evaluate the innovation potential of their topic as fundamental, applied or close to the market. The basic quest was, “What is the new knowledge and contribution of your work to the field of wood science and technology”.

The research topics covered a broad spectrum from wood as a (nano)material, construction material, source for chemicals and biofuels to wood technology and wood manufacturing.

Conclusion: Wood is one of the most important materials from nanoapplication to timber engineering and the students look forward to contributing to the sector and to shaping it for the future.

Alfred Teischinger
BOKU University, Vienna, Austria

You tube video clips from the workshop can be downloaded by the following link:


Visit to Vietnam Forestry University in Hanoi May 11-15, 2015


Just a short note about my trip to Vietnam which I think might be interesting to SWST Members, since our Annual Meetings are held alternatively outside the US every other year. I attended an International Academy of Wood Science (IAWS) Meeting at the Vietnam Forestry University (VFU) in Hanoi, Vietnam for a workshop and Executive Board Meeting. Our contact was the President, Dr. Tran Van Chu and his representative, Dr. Le Xuan Phuong, Vice-Director of the Science – Technology and International Cooperation Division.

Of interest to SWST members, was the one-day technical session, a tour of the Woodlands Joint Stock Co., and a visit to Cultural Village in Hoa Lac. The technical session covered a broad spectrum of wood technology talks, which have been included in a Workshop Proceedings. The Woodlands Co. has 1100 employees supplying 50 types of break-down furniture for IKEA of Sweden. The plant efficiently processes green timber with drying chambers, assembly lines, and packaging facilities to the final products of parts for chairs, tables, bookshelves, etc. The cultural tour to Hoa Lac included a visit to the Central Highlands Wooden Sculpture Garden, which represents many cultural groups of this area. I am standing amongst the wooden statues in the Sculpture Garden. All of these activities were located in the very large (1300 sq. miles) city of Hanoi.

 For more information visit the following website:

Howard Rosen


July is upon us, and the International meeting is over…here is what you missed:


Happy July!  June was an exciting month for SWST, for those that were able to make it to the International meeting held in Grand Teton National Park in Wyoming, I hope you had a great experience.  If you missed out, fear not an announcement will be out soon concerning next year’s meeting.  Here is what you missed if you were unable to go:


Jerold E. Winandy received the Distinguished Service Award for his outstanding contribution to the field and to SWST.


James Funck was awarded the Fellow Award for the society.


Lech Muszynskirecieved the first ever Distinguished Educator Award from the society.


The George Marra Excellence in Writing award first place winner Jan Oscarsson accepted the award for the paper:

“Localized modulus of elasticity in timber and its significance for the accuracy of machine strength grading”, By Jan Oscarsson, A. Olsson, and B. Enquist, Volume 46, Number 4, pages pp. 489-501


The George Marra Excellence in Writing award second place winner Clevan Lamason accepted the award for the paper:

“Examination of water phase transitions in black spruce by magnetic resonance and magnetic resonance imaging”, By Clevan Lamason, Bryce MacMillan, Bruce Balcom, Brigitte Leblon and Zarin Pirouz, Volume 46, Number 4, pages 423-436

The George Marra Excellence in Writing award third place winners Xiaoqing Wang, Sichen Liu, Huanjun Chang, and Junliang Liu were unable to attend, but received the award for their paper:

“Sol-gel deposition of TiO2 nanocoatings on wood surfaces with enhanced hydrophobicity and photostability”, By Xiaoqing Wang, Sichen Liu, Huanjun Chang, and Junliang Liu Volume 46, Number 1, pages 109-117

Alaska Airlines plans biofuel test flight in WSU partnership

SEATTLE – Washington state’s hometown airline is teaming up with the Washington State University-led Northwest Advanced Renewables Alliance (NARA) to advance the production and use of alternative jet fuel made from forest residuals, the tree limbs and branches that remain after a forest harvest.

As the airline partner for NARA, Alaska Airlines intends next year to fly a demonstration flight using 1,000 gallons of alternative biofuel being produced by the NARA team and its many partners. The planned flight signals a growing interest in the aviation industry for a viable alternative to conventional fossil fuel. More