BioProducts Business

Publication Policy

BioProducts Business is dedicated to advancing theoretical and practical understanding of wide ranging business topics related to wood products, bio/renewable products, and non-wood products and services. The journal publishes timely, rigorous, technically sound, and scientific manuscripts. It strives to disseminate new knowledge bridging the scientific and professional communities.

The journal targets business, economics, and policy researchers in the broad realm of lignocellulosic resources.  In addition, the journal will be of interest to business managers and entrepreneurs. The journal welcomes empirical and theoretical contributions covering both the micro (firm level issues) and macro environments (issues spanning social, technical, economic, and policy domains) surrounding a wide range of businesseses and enterprises.

All accepted papers enhance knowledge covering domains such as marketing, management, international business, entrepreneurship, innovation, strategy, human resource management, sustainability, ownership, social and environmental justice, economic development, and policy.

The Publication Process

All articles submitted for publication will undergo initial review by the Editor to determine potential suitability for the journal.  If appropriate, the Editor will initiate a double blind review process that includes one member of the Editorial Board and two reviewers deemed technically capable of such review.  Reviewers' recommendations comprise the basis for the Editor's decision to accept or reject a manuscript, however, the final decision for acceptance lies solely with the Editor.

The review process will be conducted in a spirit of collegiality and fairness with an aim towards improving manuscripts, balanced with maintenance of high standards for acceptance.


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