Student Submission of Thesis / Dissertation Title

As a service to all SWST members (and other readers), Wood and Fiber Science will publish titles submitted to us by graduate students who have completed their programs. In many cases, this information is not readily available outside of the particular university. Often the information is published substantially later or in some cases, not at all.


Kavazović Z 2011 Mathematical modeling of hotpressing of MDF panels: Coupling of mechanical and heat and mass transfer models. PhD dissertation. Laval University, Faculty of Science and Engineering, Québec City, QC, Canada (advisers: A Fortin and A Cloutier). 138 pp. [http://www.giref.ulaval.ca/files/theses_et_memoires/These_Zanin.pdf]

Send title, in the example format, via email to vicki@swst.org.

Current list of Thesis / Dissertation titles


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