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The copyright of an article published in Wood and Fiber Science is transferred to the Society of Wood Science and Technology (for U. S. Government employees: to the extent transferable), effective if and when the article is accepted for publication.

This transfer grants the Society of Wood Science and Technology permission to republish all or any part of the article in any form, e.g., reprints for sale, microfiche, proceedings, etc. However, the authors reserve the following as set forth in the Copyright Law:

  1. All proprietary rights other than copyright, such as patent rights.
  2. The right to grant or refuse permission to third parties to republish all or part of the article or translations thereof. In the case of whole articles, such third parties must obtain Society of Wood Science and Technology written permission as well.  However, the Society may grant rights with respect to Journal issues as a whole.
  3. The right to use all or part of this article in future works of their own, such as lectures, press releases, reviews, text books, or reprint books.

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