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Each title below includes a link to the PDF file of the article. Note that these articles can not be edited or printed. If you wish to cite any of these “preprints,” be sure to add the URL (http://www.swst.org/publications/wfs/prepublications.html) at the end of the citation.

Papers that were previously posted here as "preprints," starting with issue 41(1), can be accessed in hard copy or digitally through Wood and Fiber Science - Open Journal Systems.

Papers to appear in future issues:

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Xu, Ming, Lina Han, Sheldon Q. Shi, and Jian Li. 2017. Wood-rubber composites fabricated from rubber mixing and vulcanization molding process. 9/18/2017.

Li, Rongrong, Pingxiang Cao, Shuangbao Zhang, Wei Xu, Mats Ekevad, and Xiaolei Guo. 2017. Prediction of cutting force during gypsum fiber composite milling process using response surface methodology. 9/13/2017.

Rogozinski, Tomasz, Jacek Wilkowski, Jarostaw Gorski, Karol Szymanowski, Piotr Podziewski, and Pawet Czarniak. 2017. Fine particles content in dust created CNC milling of selected wood composites. 9/13/2017.

Kravetz, C., J. O. Brito, D. Saloni, and D. C. Tilotta. 2017. Qualitative analysis of the extractives of orange wood. 9/7/2017.

Shah, Aarsh, Tejas S Pandya, Damian Stoddard, Suman Babu Ukyam, Jason Street, James Wooten, and Brian Mitchell. 2017. Dynamic response of wood-based biocomposities under high-strain rate compressive loading. 9/7/2017.

Caceres, Claudia B., Roger E. Hernandez, Yves Fortin, and Michel Beaudoin. 2016. Wood density and extractive content variation among Japanese larch (Larix Kaempferi [lamb.] Carr.) progenies/provenances trials in eastern Canada. 8/1/2017.

Mysyk, Mykhailo, Yaroslav Matsyshyn, Volodymyr Mayevskyy, Charles D. Ray, Roman Kurka, and Ivan Sopushynskyy. 2017. Identification of the length distribution of lumber defect free-areas. 8/1/2017.

Hunt, John F., Weiqi Leng, and Mehdi Tajvidi. 2017. Vertical density profile and internal bond strength of wet-formed particleboard bonded with cellulose nanofibrils. 8/1/2017.

Berrocal, Alexander, Roger Moya, Brian Bond, Maria Rodriguez-Solis, Freddy Munoz, and Diego Perez. 2016. Schedule modification of drying rate to decrease the drying time of juvenile Tectona Grandis L. Wood. 8/1/2017.

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