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Prepublication List of Papers

To be Published in Future Issues of Wood and Fiber Science

Each title below includes a link to the PDF file of the article. Note that these articles can not be edited or printed. If you wish to cite any of these “preprints,” be sure to add the URL (http://www.swst.org/publications/wfs/prepublications.html) at the end of the citation.

Papers that were previously posted here as "preprints," starting with issue 41(1), can be accessed in hard copy or digitally through Wood and Fiber Science - Open Journal Systems.

Papers to appear in future issues:

Yu, L. L., F. Lu, D. C. Qin, H. Q. Ren, and B. H. Fei. 2016. Combustibility of boron-containing fire retardant treated bamboo filaments. 2/28/2017.

Eckelman, C. A., E. Haviarova, A. Kasal, and Y. Z. Erdil. 2016. Lower tolerance limit approach to equation-based rational design values for L-shaped mortise and tenon joints. 2/23/3017.

Kaung, Funchun, Yan Xing, Zhihui Wu, and Jilei Zhang. 2016. Characteristics of screwdriving torques in wood-plastic composites. 2/21/2017.

Vasquez, Marcia, Michael Milota, and Arijit Sinha. 2016. Quantifying environmental impacts of poplar biomass production in the US Pacific Northwest. 2/15/2017.

Wanjun, Liu, Shen Jun, Zhao Yang, and Wang Qifan. 2016. Developing a rapid test method for measuring volatile organic compounds from three-layer parquet with microchamber. 2/2/2017.

Effah, B., K. Raatz, A. Van Reenen, and M. Meincken. 2016. Chemical force microscopy analysis of wood-plastic composites produced from different wood species and compatibilizers. 1/25/2017.

Yang, B. Z., R. D. Seale, R. Shmulsky, J. Dahlen, and X. Wang. 2016. Comparison of nondestructive testing methods for evaluating no. 2 southern pine lumber: part B, modulus of rupture. 1/18/2017.

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