Wood and Fiber Science
Current Issue
Volume 48 (2016)

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Li, Jiali, Tonghua Zhang, Lan Cheng, Min Guo, Shu Wang, Ruilong Ran, and Yifa Ma. An investigation on windmill palm leaf sheath fiber powder-based activated carbon for dye absorption.

Seale, R. D., R. Shmulsky, E. D. Entsminger, A. Bartuli, and S. Belalami. Field test of a novel nondestructive testing device on wood distribution poles.

Luppold, William G. and Matthew S. Bumgardner. US Hardwood lumber consumption and international trade from 1991 to 2014.

Beaulieu, J., L. Han, and P. Dutilleul. Using computed tomography scanning technology to extract virtual wood cores, derive wood density radial patterns, and test hypotheses about direction, core size, and year of growth.

Ogawa, Keita, Ryohei Suzuki, Satoshi Fukuta, Mariko Yamasaki, and Yasutoshi Sasaki. Energetics approach to fatigue behavior of wooden join using double-sided adhesive tape.

Ebadi, Seyed Eshagh, Zaidon Ashaari, Hamid Reza Naji, Mohammad Jawaid, Mojtaba Soltani, and H'ng Paik San. Mechanical behavior of hydrothermally treated oil palm wood in different buffered pH media.

Demirel, Samet, Xiaohong Yu, Onder Tor, and Jilei Zhang. In-plane bending moment resistance of t-shaped one-sided two-gusset-plate furniture joints in oriented strandboard.

Hadi, Yusuf Sudo, Mulyani Efendi, Muh Yusram Massijaya, Arinana, and Gustan Pari. Technical Note: Subterranean termite resistance of smoked glued laminated lumber made from fast-growing tree species in Indonesia.

ISSN: 0735-6161

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