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Technology Advancement and Marketing Practices in Biomass

Joint International Convention AT&T Conference Center

Forest Products Society
Society of Wood Science and Technology

The 2013 Convention was organized as a partnership between the Forest Products Society and the Society of Wood Science and Technology.

Convention Themes

  • Advances in Wood Technology
  • Forest Products and the Environment
  • Human Dimensions & Policy
  • SWST Session - Technology Advancement and Marketing Practices in Biomass
SWST Convention Proceedings - Sunday, June 9, 2013

Business meeting minutes (pdf)

New Technology and Marketing Practices in Biofuels

Opening Remarks: Sheldon Shi (University of North Texas, Denton, TX USA)

Keynote: Dr. Paul Smith (Pennsylvania State University, University Park, PA USA) "Biorefinery Value Chain Outputs"

Dr. Jeff Wright (Arborgen Inc., Ridgeville, SC USA)
"Advances in Hardwood Forest Plantation Systems: Implications for Bio-energy Feedstock"

Stevens Brumbley (University of North Texas Denton, TX USA)
"Production of Polyhydroxyalkanoates in Plastids and Peroxisomers of High Biomass C4 Grasses"

Robert Radics and Priscilla Morris (North Carolina State University, Raleigh, NC USA)
"Bioenergy Perception Study"

Les Groom (USDA Forest Service, Pineville, LA USA)
"Thermal Properties of Loblolly Pine from Naturally Regenerated Stands"

Katja Lähtinen (University of Helsinki, Helsinki, Finland)
"Cultural Sustainability as an Independent Dimension of Sustainability Reporting - Case Forest-Based Bioenergy in Finland"

New Technology and Marketing Practices in Natural Fiber-based Products

Keynote: Dr. Rupert Wimmer (University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences, Tulln, Austria)
"Natural-fi bre Materials: From Ideas, to Products, to Markets"

Prof. Marius Barbu (University of Applied Sciences, Salzburg, Austria):
"Pallet Blocks Made from Softwood Bark"

Yan Yu (International Centre for Bamboo and Rattan, Beijing, China):
"A Novel Method for Directly Measuring the Interfacial Shear Strength between Plant Fibers and Thermoplastic Polymer"

Eini Lowell (USDA Forest Service, PNW Research Station, Portland, OR USA):
"Advantages of Hot-Water Extraction Pre-Treatment in the Manufacture of Wood Composites"

Brian Vezeau (Université Laval, Québec, Canada):
"Short-term and Time-dependent Behaviour of Wood-Plastic Composite Sandwich Panels"

Joseph Jakes (USDA, Forest Products Laboratory, Madison, WI USA):
"New Synchrotron-Based Technique to Map Adhesive Infiltration in Wood Cell Walls"

Student Poster Winners

First Place Winner
Morphology and Size Distributions of Cellulose Nanocrystals Prepared from Switchgrass
Yujie Meng, University of Tennessee

Second Place Winner
Phenol Formaldehyde (PF) and Hybrid Polyvinyl Acetate (PVAc) Wood-Adhesive Bondlines in 3D
Jesse Paris, Oregon State University

Third Place Winner
Mechanical and Thermal Properties of High Density Polyethylene/Peanut Shell Composites
Mauricio Londono, University of North Texas

Fourth Place Winner
Time Effect on Strand Size Distribution Tumbling in an Oriented Strand Board Rotary Drum Blender
Ying-Li (Ingrid) Tsai, University of British Columbia

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