About: Awards

George Marra Award for Excellence in Writing

1st Place

G.D. Estep, D.B. DeVallance, D.J. Lacombe - "Analysis of Certified Wood Product Use in Commerical Leed Green Building Projects," Issue 3, pg 270-282

2nd Place

Min Ye, Jeffrey J. Morrell - "Effect of Treatment Postfixation Practices on Copper Migration from Alkaline-Copper-Treated Douglas-Fir Lumber," Issue 4, pg 391-398

3rd Place

Svetka Kuljich, Roger E. Hernandez, Carl Blais. "Effects of Cutterhead Diameter and Log Infeed Position on Energy Requirements of a Chipper-Canter," Issue 4, pp 399-409

Distinguished Service Award Recipient

Robert W. Rice

Distinguished Educator Award Recipient

Ilone Peszlen, North Carolina State University, USA

SWST Fellow Recipient

Alfred Teischinger